Learn Saxophone Now

The Ultimate Online Method That Teaches You How To Play The Saxophone

What will you learn in this Course?

In over 35 Online Video Lessons I will teach you everything you need to know to play the saxophone.

After you finished this course, you will be able to play current pop songs, just like me!

You can start immediately without any musical knowledge. I will show you everything from the very beginning and soon you will be able to play your first song.

Whenever you have a question or get stuck I will help you personally and we will solve your problem together!

The content of the course is not only about playing the saxophone, but includes also reading notes, improvising over Backing Tracks and everything else a musician needs to know.

You will be surprised how easy it actually is to learn the saxophone.

Why my Course might be better than a "real" teacher!

You probably ask yourself “How can this guy teach me the saxophone without even being in the same room?”

Well, what many people forget is that a “real” teacher won’t teach you more than 45min per week in most cases. In this short time you might have quetions that can’t be answered and lessons are not always well concerned.

My online method is available 24/7 and whenever you need my personal help I will be there for you as fast as possible!

You can also repeat every lesson as many times as you want until you understood it perfectly.

I can honestly tell you that I wish there was such a powerful tool when I started to play. This is the fastest & most efficient way to learn how to play the saxophone.


What are you waiting for?

"Since I started watching your Youtube videos, I always wanted to learn how to play the saxopohone like you. To be honest I didn't expect it to be that easy. I can already play Closer by the Chainsmokers now."
"You have a great tone and I wanted to learn that, so I was really looking forward for your course. The lessons are so well structured and I love the positive vibes in every lesson."
"I was already playing saxophone but I never really learned how to use the tongue right. It's crazy how good the structure of your Method is and how fast I made progress in playing fast lines. Thanks bro!"

What qualifies me to teach you how to play the Saxophone?

You probably know me through my saxophone videos that went viral on Youtube & social media, such as this one.

Besides that I am actually a working musician with several years of educational experience. After 5 years of studying Jazz&Pop saxophone at the ArtEZ Hogeschool in the Netherlands I will get my diploma next summer.

I played hundreds of gigs, such as in tv shows, at weddings, at festivals and in bars & clubs.

I taught several years at a music school and therefore know all the different approchaes when it comes to teaching music. Believe me, I tried out everything and can honestly tell you that  my online method is the best way to learn the saxophone. 🙂

See you in the member area.


Content of the Course

1.1 Introduction & What you need

1.2 Parts of the Saxophone and their Function

1.3 How to assemble the Saxophone

2.1 How to hold the Saxophone

2.2 Embouchure – Learn how to blow in the Mouthpiece

2.3 Your first Note!

3.1 The basics of music notation + 3 new notes

3.2 Exercises with the notes you already know

3.3 Your first (little) Song

4.1 How to use the Tongue

4.2 Articulation Exercises

4.3 Advanced Tongue Exercise

5.1 YAY, Finally some more Notes

5.2 Exercises with the new Notes

6.1 Let’s have some Fun! (Improvising)

6.2 How to breathe with the right Technique?

7.1 How the System works (half+whole notes)

7.2 Lets dig even deeper (quarter+eighth notes)

8.1 Everything you need to know before playing the Songs

8.2 Emotional Pop Ballad

8.3 Cool Hip Hop Track

8.4 Groovy Funk/Rock Song

9.1 Let’s find the missing Notes

9.2 Some more Rules & a Magic Sign

9.3 Repetition of everything you know

10.1 More Improvising!

10.2 My last Advice to you

How to learn the Songs (watch this Video first)

Bonus 1: Coldplay – Something Just Like This feat. The Chainsmokers

Bonus 2: Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop the Feeling

Bonus 3: Mike Perry – The Ocean

Bonus 4: James Arthur – Say You Won’t Let Go

Bonus 5: The Chainsmokers – Closer

Bonus 6: John Legend – All Of Me

Bonus 7: Coldplay – Hymn For The Weekend

(most lessons include more topics than the one in the Title)

What will you get?

35+ Online Video Lessons

By purchasing this course you will get instant access to the whole LearnSaxophoneNow Online Method with over 35 perfectly structured video lessons. All lessons are designed to build up on each other, so that you can begin directly without any musical knowledge. You will also get 7 bonus video tutorials of current pop songs that usually only my patreons get.

My Personal Help&Support

You will get access to the exclusive LearnSaxophoneNow facebook group, where I answer all of your questions! Seriously, all of them! Whenever you need help I will be there for you and we will solve your problem. You can post videos or pictures so that I can tell you exactly what you have to change or what you are already doing great.

Downloads & Archivements

In most lessons you will find downloads such as MP3 backing tracks or PDF Documents with Illustrations, notes and exercises. Most of the time you will also get a little homework that you can easily work on alone to make even faster progress. Throughout the course you will earn different achivements which help you to stay motivated.

What are you waiting for?